Tax Defaulted Properties

Under California Revenue and Taxation code 3691, any property that has unpaid current year or prior year taxes, assessments, penalties and costs that remain unpaid as of July 1st of the current year will be declared delinquent and tax-defaulted by the Tax Collector. If these properties have unpaid balances after five years, they may be sold at a tax auction. To avoid a tax sale, there are two options. First is the payment in full before June 30 of the fifth year. Second is the establishment of an installment payment plan which must be maintained currently and can only be initiated prior to the start of the sixth year of delinquency.

Tax Defaulted Properties This list of properties has been published to provide notice of the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s intent to record a Power to Sell on July 1, 2015. These properties will have been delinquent for five or more years as of July 1, 2015.
Power to Sell properties These properties have been delinquent for five or more years and will be sold at public auction unless they are paid off in full.
Properties delinquent for 3+ Years This list contains properties that have been delinquent for three or more years and the latest reminder notice of delinquent property taxes has been returned to the Treasurer-Tax Collector as undeliverable. These properties may be able to start an installment payment plan to pay outstanding balances due prior to June 30, 2017. Click the link below for a payment plan application:

Office of the Treasurer-Tax Collector (714) 834-3411 (9 am to 4:45 pm)