Property Tax

The Tax Collector's Office is responsible for collecting taxes on all secured and unsecured property in Orange County. This office is also responsible for the sale of property subject to the "power to sell," formerly known as delinquent tax deeded property. In addition to collecting Annual Racehorse Taxes, Transient Occupancy Taxes, and Public Defender judgments, the Tax Collector also provides remittance processing services, information system services, and departmental administrative support.

Guide to Your Property Tax Bill

Your tax bill contains information regarding both your property value and your taxes. This guide is intended to give you a better idea about the information and what it means to you

Secured Taxes

Secured property taxes are taxes levied on real property. This includes land, all mines, mineral and quarries in the land, and improvements, among others. More on secured taxes...

Unsecured Taxes

Unsecured tax is a value-based tax that is not secured by property. This type of tax is the liability of the person or entity assessed for the tax. More on unsecured taxes...

Supplemental Taxes

A supplemental tax is tax levied on a property as it exists on the date of the change of ownership or completion of new construction. More on supplemental taxes...