Unclaimed Funds

The Office of the County Treasurer has the following four types of unclaimed funds:

1. Deceased Estates Held in Trust:

Under Probate Code 11850, monies are held for one year then, if not claimed, are escheated to the State. This is a semi-annual process. Under Probate Code 7663, monies are held for three years then, if not claimed, are escheated to the County through the (#4) County Unclaimed Funds process.

Trust Deposits, Instructions,Claim Form

2. Tax Auction Excess Proceeds:

Excess proceeds after tax sale has occurred and County taxes have been paid. Claims may be made within a specific period, after which, the funds become the property of the County.

Link to Tax Auction Page Containing Excess Proceeds Lists

3. Landlord Sales Surplus:

Monies received primarily from public storage companies for the sale of abandoned property, or from hospitals for abandoned property. Funds are escheated to the County through the (#4) County Unclaimed Funds process.

Surplus Funds, Claim Form

4. County Unclaimed Funds:

Annually, the Treasurer-Tax Collector conducts an escheatment process for Countywide unclaimed monies per Government Code Section 50050-50057.

Escheated Funds Information:

Annually, the County Treasurer receives a listing of monies which have remained unclaimed for over three years from each County Department and Agency. The Treasurer, pursuant to Government Code section 50050-50057 provides that unclaimed monies which remain in the treasury or in the official custody of the officers of a local agency for a period of over three (3) years, become the property of the agency. Individual items $15.00 or more in value must be published as notification that the money will become the property of the County on a designated date if it is left unclaimed.

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